EMBRACING THE ENERGY TRANSITION - Energy infrastructures in the public space: what's in it for us?

  • 07 november 2019
  • 12:30
  • LOCATION: Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands
The energy transition becomes more tangible as new infrastructures are being built. Think of charging point for e-cars, solar panels and heat pumps in residential areas. But also energy transport and storage are becoming more visible and taking more space in the public domain. For long time only high voltage power lines and wind turbines dominated the landscape, and have to cope with public resistance. And it is not only the surface where the public is strongly involved: underground activities such as geothermal and carbon storage infrastructures are part of the debate too.
What needs to be done by the industry to develop benefits and making the public embracing the energy transition when it comes to infrastructures?




12:30 Registration
13:00 Words of welcome and safety instructions
Jan Douwe Kroeskemoderator
13:10 Presentation NEFUSTA
Aart-Jan de Graaf
13:30 Presentation A.Hak
13:50 Start Working Group sessions
Working Groups:
  • Offshore Energy
  • Digital Energy
  • CCUS
  • Community Engagement
16:30 Start walking dinner and networking
Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam
Grasweg 31
1031 HW Amsterdam
The Netherlands


16:30 Start walking dinner and networking
18:00 Welcome and safety instructrions
Marcelien Bosmoderator
18:10 Words of welcome
18:25 Wrap up Working Group sessions
18:40 Presentation TU Delft
Eelco de Groot
19:00 Presentation Havenbedrijf Amsterdam
Eduard de Visser
19:20 Announcement new name OGRC
19:30 Panel Discussion
Lessons learned, changing business models other infrastructures.
20:00 Duo interview; Hydrogen, infrastructure and storage
Noe van Hulst & representative of DENA (Deutsche Energie-Agentur)
20:20 Final remarks & video
20:25 Start drinks and networking
21:30 End
Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam
Grasweg 31
1031 HW Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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