EMBRACING THE ENERGY TRANSITION - From our Backyard to the North Sea?

  • 27 june 2019
  • 12:30
  • LOCATION: RDM Campus
  • Rotterdam
  • The Netherlands
The North Sea is the new area where the energy transition will take place the coming decades. Oil and Gas production is in decline, and infrastructure will be removed after the production has stopped unless other use for the wells, platforms, pipelines and empty fields can be found. Offshore wind is expanding rapidly, and in the extreme scenarios might cover up to 20% of the marine space in the North Sea by the second half of this century. Furthermore, there are plans for large scale CO2 storage in empty gas field, and potentially also for hydrogen production offshore. Even a new energy island may arise in a few decades to transport and potentially convert much of the energy produced offshore to the markets onshore.

But are we using the North Sea as the solution to our energy transition challenges because we not prepared to use our backyards onshore? And are we creating new challenges by interfering with the traditional functions of the North Sea, such as fishery, shipping, recreation, nature protection? Is it possible to create a new energy system in the North Sea in balance with food production, nature protection and other economic functions?




12:30 Registration
13:00 Words of Welcome and safety instructions
Jan Douwe Kroeske Moderator
13:10 Presentation: Energy transition in the North Sea
Joris KoornneefTNO
13:30 Presentation: Innovation at the North Sea
Koen van SwamThe North Sea Farm Foundation
13:50 Start Working Group Sessions
Working Groups:
  • Offshore Energy
  • Digital Oil & Gas
  • Community Engagement
16:30 Start walking diner and networking
RDM Campus
Heijplaatstraat 17-23
3089 JB Rotterdam
The Netherlands


16:30 Start walking diner and networking
18:00 Welcome and safety instructrions
Jan Douwe KroeskeModerator
18:10 Words of welcome by TNO part of ECN
Ton de JongManaging Director, TNO Energy
18:20 Wrap up working group sessions
Jan Douwe Kroeske
18:35 Presentation: The offshore energy transition: Everyone's a winner?
Huub den RooijenCEO The Crown Estate
18:55 Interview: What a job!
Mariken BetsemaMajor of your North Sea
19:05 Reflection
Jacques WallageCo-chairman Overleg Infrastructuur en Milieu
19:15 Panel Discussion
  • Jan Busstra
  • De heer Kwast
  • Gijs van den Boomen
  • Koen van Swam
19:45 Duo interview Gasunie & TenneT
Han Fennema, CEO Gasunie & Manon van Beek, CEO TenneT
20:05 Final remarks & video
20:15 Start drinks and networking
21:00 End
RDM Campus
Heijplaatstraat 17-23
3089 JB Rotterdam
The Netherlands
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