• 09 november 2017
  • 13:00
  • LOCATION: Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam
  • The Netherlands

The next Oil & Gas Reinvented Community event is here! After the success of our last event, we now bring you:

Will it deliver us a carbon neutral energy system?

Thursday 9 November 2017 at the Shell Technology Center Amsterdam
Afternoon from 13:00 – 16:00h & Evening from 17:30 – 20:00h
A walking dinner is offered in between the two sessions
Sign up now, as there is limited capacity!
Deadline for registration ends on Thursday 2 November 2017.
The 10th event of the Oil & Gas Reinvented Community brings together professionals and stakeholders of the energy system to talk about the most relevant developments with regards to an emerging hydrogen economy. Central to our upcoming event is the question whether hydrogen has the potential to provide our societies with CO2-neutral energy systems.
A select group of industry leaders, pioneers, scientists and innovators of, among others, Akzo Nobel, Gasunie and Technical University Delft, reflect on this question and share their views and expectations.
The afternoon’s program emphasizes the versatility and wide employability of hydrogen in today’s complex energy system and provides an outlook for the future of the hydrogen economy. Furthermore, members are invited to join our working groups on Offshore Energy, Digital Oil & Gas, Geothermal Energy, and Young Professionals to discuss developments and innovation in the sector.
The evening program elaborates on the question of how businesses can anticipate to the emerging hydrogen economy. Industry leaders explain what hydrogen has to offer for their business and how the opportunities of hydrogen can be capitalised through engagement in cross-sector collaborations. Moreover, a young professional’s team will pitch new business opportunities for oil and gas in the energy transition to a jury of energy innovation experts.
A walking dinner will take place in between the afternoon and evening sessions. The evening ends with networking and drinks, where participants can exchange opinions on whether hydrogen will redeem its promise as breakthrough energy solution and prove to be a missing link in our current energy system.
We hope to see you all on November 9th 2017 at Shell Technology Center Amsterdam!
We will share the details of the program with you shortly. Meanwhile, make sure to save the date and head over to our LinkedIn page and forum (membership required) to start the discussion on energy storage! 




13:00 World of Welcome, Safety Instructions
Jan Douwe Kroeskemoderator
13:10 Presentation: Hydrogen, the new neutral gas.
Prof. dr. Ad van WijkProfessor Future Energy Systems, TU Delft
13:30 Working Groups / round table sessions
  • Offshore Energy
  • Digital Oil & Gas
  • Young Professionals
  • Geothermal Energy
15:30 Wrap Up Working Groups
Jan Douwe Kroeskemoderator
15:40 Presentation Jaap Bolhuis
Jaap BolhuisSiemens Nederland
16:00 Walking dinner and networking
Shell Technology Center Amsterdam
Grasweg 31
1031 HW Amsterdam
The Netherlands


16:00 Walking dinner and networking
17:30 Welcome and Safety Instructions
Jan Douwe Kroeskemoderator
17:40 Words of Welcome by Shell
17:55 Presentation Marcel Galjee
Marcel GaljeeDirecteur Energie, Akzo Nobel
18:10 Presentation Hans Coenen
Hans CoenenVice-President Corporate Strategy & Portfolio Management, Gasunie
18:25 Presentation Maurice Hanegraaf
Drs. ing. Maurice HanegraafBusiness Director Geo Energy, TNO
18:40 Presentation
details coming soon
18:55 Panel discussion with guest speakers
  • Mr Marcel Galjee, Akzo Nobel
  • Mr Hans Coenen, Gasunie
  • Mr Ad van Wijk, TU Delft
19:35 Pitch, The Challenge
19:50 Video and closing remarks
Jan Douwe Kroeskemoderator
20:00 Drinks and Networking
21:00 End
Shell Technology Center Amsterdam
Grasweg 31
1031 HW Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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