Q & A   Become a member

Why I have to register as a new member for the new website?
  • The new website has a new personal database. This is why our Terms and Conditions do not allow us to provide your personal data to the new database and website. We would therefore like to ask you to sign up as a member of the Community once again, in order to receive future updates, news and invitations.

Can I use my old username and password?
  • Yes, you can use your username and password, BUT you have to use BECOME A MEMBER and fill all the personal details and agree with terms and conditions, because of the new database. The new database doesn’t recognize your username and password from the old website.

Where on the website can I, BECOME A MEMBER?
  • Use the link in the email sent to you on the 13th of February.
  • Use the Key icon.
  • Or choose MEMBERS in the navigation and choose BECOME A MEMBER.

I have registered on the new website, but I cannot log in?
  • Did you use the icon LOG IN?
  • Did you forget your password? Please click on forgot your password, then you will receive a link to change or reset your password.

Why do I have to fill in my mobile phone number?
  • Your mobile phone number, we will only use for text messages concerning our events and services.

Is the membership cost-free?
  • Yes, the membership is cost-free.

Any other questions or requests?
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